MARKETING DISRUPTOR 3 July 2018 - 10 AM Onwards (GMT+2)

Experience this year’s game changing marketing technology while learning more about Now Media and its powerful niche audience product line-up.

Why attend?

  • See this year’s game changing marketing technology and learn more about how you can benefit.
  • We have a powerful line-up of speakers ready to challenge your thinking and inform.
  • Find out about the Show Specials from exhibitors and benefit from limited offers!
  • Chat live with our editors and sales staff to see how our products can help you.
  • Get to meet with all Now Media products in one place at one time.
  • Stand a chance to win R50 000 in advertising spend for your business, and R2 000 individual cash prize for participating.


We establish engaged relationships between our advertisers and readers. By integrating with the communities we serve, our content is relevant and current to our readers. Advertisers can be confident that their promotions in our niche publications reach the people that matter to their business.

Established. Innovative. Effective.

Now Media was founded in 1953 by John H Marsh and continues to be run as a 3rd generation family business. The company has benefited from an innovative approach to publishing, whether it be establishing quick-read high frequency trade newspapers, running our own printing works to ensure we can be first with the news, or more recently being early adopters of online media (Travelinfo, our first electronic product, was launched in 1989) and embracing this new opportunity throughout our business. Through niche publications with highly engaged audiences we can provide solid, effective promotional solutions to the industries and audiences we serve.



Session #1


Anton Marsh

Now Media

Managing Director


Session #2

The game changer for marketers

Rabia Abbas



Session #3

Understand how the brain reacts to marketing

Erik Du Plessis

Conference Speaker and Consultant


Session #4

Disruptology - creating a habit of thinking disruption

Juanita Vorster

Professional Speaker



Session #5

5 things every website owner should know

Richard Frank

Flow Communications

Head of digital and Director


Session #6


Peter Langschmidt

Lead Consultant

Publisher Research Council

Conference ends

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